Our Design Tenets

at Islima Games

More Than a Game!

Games are part of our daily lives, they challenge us and teach us many things. Hence, at our Studio, we strive not only to provide an entertaining and engaging experience, but also to develop engaging and innovative games. An experience that goes beyond game! A gateway to other worlds.

Having a Define Philosophy Behind It

Even if it's just a sentence, every game produced in our studio should have a purpose. Games should either convey a unique and appealing experience or introduce players to cultures they might not know about.

Positive Interaction & Free of Hostility

The fun, laughter, and interaction around board games makes them appealing, and we strive to develop games that bring these beauty moments; not games where everyone is sitting alone and trying to solve their puzzles.

Designing & Developing with Novelty

When we design gameplay, we seek to use new combinations of mechanics and make some changes in older ones. As much as possible, we twist mechanics and take a fresh look at them.

Moments That Can Be Remembered

Creating a positive and memorable experience is one of the missions of every board game. Thus, we aim to make sure that the players experience memorable moments during the game's events and gameplay.

Integration Between Theme & Mechanisms

The two concepts of mechanics and themes are at the core of every board game. A well-integrated combination of these two elements can ensure the players are immersed in the game and experience unforgettable moments.

Uniquely Visual Experience

Popular board games are artworks that challenge the minds of players while delighting their eyes with images and visual concepts. This temptation takes players along and throws them deeper into the game and its meta.

Our Team

From Our Hearts: Greetings!

Majid Karimi

Development Director

Ehsan Nazarzadeh

Game Designer

Mostafa Momivand

Art Director

Sadra Sajjadi

Community Manager

Mahmood Karimian

Production Manager

Hojat Javan

Sales Director

Majid Gahderi

Mentor & Consultant

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