Belaad: The Land of Swords and Quills

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The Kingdom, The People and The Assassins struggle to reach the power of knowledge.




There is no doubt that Middle Eastern culture has a rich history, but sadly, this history has been consigned to words and has become part of the tradition that they have inherited from their ancestors. Their heroes and characters have never been tangible image, so they have been content with telling and hearing stories about them. ‌In Belaad, our first board game, we attempt to revive their Scientific Scholars by adhering to the production standards of this industry.


In the golden age of Islam, many Scholars arise and amaze all in the land with their inventions and discoveries. Meanwhile The Kingdom who has just discovered the power of knowledge, starts to intrigue these Scholars in order to strengthen the monarchy and profit more from ruling the land. But The People who notice the intentions of the Sultan and his subjects, confront The Kingdom and struggle to help these Scholars. In the midst of the dispute between The People and The Kingdom, a sect called The Hashashin (The Assassins) has risen. They believe that power is the root of all corruption and must be destroyed. Therefore, The Hashashin are lead to killing these Scholars.


| 14 Character Boards | 57 Action Cards | 1 Bag | 30 Scholar Cards | 24 Battle Cards | 1 Booklet of Game Rules | 70 White and Orange Tokens | 5 Swords | 1 Scholars Guidebook | 50 Gold and Red Coins | 14 Hashash Cards | 7 Instruction Cards

Belaad board game arrangement

Top Characteristics of This Game

Fight For(Against) Science

Many renowned individuals emerge from scientific figures and it is up to you to either attract them towards you or assassinate them, depending on your team. The many varieties of scholars you manage to draw to yourself throughout the game determine your end-game goal; how much assets you have at the end of the game, or how many sets of different fields of science you possess.

Choose Your Side and Get Ready To Fight For It!

Playing as each of the three teams; The People, The Kingdom, and The Order, also creates different experiences for players. The varying characters in each team and each of their special abilities make players capable of performing higher than their opponents’ expectations, and overtaking them in some occasions. Although because of the asymmetry of character abilities, any player’s action can be opposed by other players. Having a separate phase for war is one of the most challenging aspects in any game, when you have to decide between continuing a battle or surrendering, all while you cheer on your teammates, and discourage your opponents.

Many Interactions & Various Selections

Numerous drafting’s, and various action selections made by players during the game pave a different path for each player’s victory. Paths which create new encounters in both individual, and team-based games.

This Game is localized in

Corax Games

Treetato Studio

Don’t Panic Games

ADC Blackfire
Czech Republic

Useful File


Scholar Guidebook   



Additional information

Product Type

Base Game

Setup Time

10 Min

Playing Time

20-30 Min





Game Weight

2.45 / 5


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