5 Top Funded Board Games on Kickstarter

You may have heard the name Kickstarter before. If you’re not familiar, Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding platform (arguably the most popular) founded in 2009 and has since become a popular method for entrepreneurs and innovators to raise funds for their projects, from music albums and books to video games and of course, board games. Kickstarter allows creators to raise money for projects and products that they are passionate about. It also enables users to find projects they can relate to, and contribute to them.

Due to the high costs of manufacturing board games, a lot of game designers and publishers use Kickstarter to collect some funds to go towards the project, and attract some customers even before the project is finished. Users who are passionate about certain games can help bring them to life by trusting the creator and paying a sum of money to reach the project goal.

Other than that, Kickstarter is a great way for creators to get in touch with their customers and build meaningful relationships with them. By constantly posting updates, and communicating through the project comments, customers can share their constructive feedback and ideas, and the creator can implement this feedback to make the ultimate product.

One of the pioneers of board games and crowdfunding is Jamey Stegmaier, who is an icon in the industry and built his company, Stonemaier Games, through crowdfunding. Although Stonemaier Games no longer uses crowdfunding to fund their games, Jamey has been sharing his insights from Kickstarter and what he has learned from it. For any board game creator who wants to begin crowdfunding, reading Jamey’s blog posts is the best start.

Now without further ado, here is a list of the top-funded board games on Kickstarter;

5. Exploding Kittens – 219,000 backers, $8,700,000 raised


Exploding Kittens is a card game published in 2015 by Exploding Kittens LLC, that has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. It is a fun fast-paced game of chance, luck, and strategy that is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds and ages.

The objective of the game is to be the last player standing, by avoiding drawing the Exploding Kitten cards. The game mechanics are relatively simple; each player is dealt a hand of cards and the players take turns drawing cards from the draw pile. They could also play cards from their hand in order to avoid drawing an Exploding Kitten card. The game includes several special cards that can be used to manipulate the deck in various ways. For example, there are cards that allow players to peek at the top of the deck, shuffle the deck, or skip their turn. Additionally, there are cards that allow players to steal cards from other players’ hands and cards that can reverse the direction of play.

Overall, Exploding Kittens is a very quick and easy card game that anyone can enjoy playing again and again.

4. Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game – 28,000 backers, $9,000,000 raised

In recent years, we’ve seen Marvel comics dominate the entertainment industry, from movies and books to video games and board games. Marvel Zombies is a case of this domination. Marvel Zombies is a thrilling game that puts players in the zombie-infested Marvel universe and is based on the hit board game, Zombicide.

Marvel Zombies is a board game that uses a combination of strategy, team-building, and luck to create a fun and challenging experience. The game consists of a game board, various character cards and tokens, and several decks of cards used to move the game along. Players take on the role of one of the Marvel superheroes, each with unique abilities and resources. The goal of the game is to defeat the zombie hordes and rescue survivors. To do this, players must use their resources to construct barricades and weapons, explore the board, and fight the zombies. The game is won when all the zombies have been defeated. The key to success in Marvel Zombies is to plan ahead and make good use of the resources on hand.

3. Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game – 81,000 backers, $12,900,000 raised


Based on the hit series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game has quickly become a popular choice for gamers who enjoy the challenge of a roleplaying game. Also, non-gamers who are a fan of the anime are sure to love it too, as it is set in the world many of us know and love, with detailed lore and characters throughout different periods of time.

This game is a bit different from others, as it has several booklets which are the main component of the game; so get your glasses ready. Though it has dice, cards, and a board in it, the main component is still the booklets.

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Games Core Mechanics, published in 2017, is a comprehensive overview of the core mechanics of the Avatar Legends role-playing game. It outlines the game’s history and lore, its main mechanics, and how to create a character. Additionally, it covers a number of aspects of game design, such as character creation, game mechanics, and game balance. It also provides advice on advancing characters, developing the game world, and how to play the game.

The book includes a detailed description of the character creation system, including character classes, attributes, and skills. It also covers the game mechanics, including combat, magic, and equipment. Furthermore, it provides advice on how to balance encounters and create engaging stories. The book also includes a section on game design, including advice on setting up a campaign, creating adventures, and creating a story arc. Overall, Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Games is an amazing experience for gamers and avatars alike.

2. Kingdom Death: Monster – 19,000 backers, $12,300,000 raised


Kingdom Death: Monster (KDM) is an intense, story-driven board game that has been captivating gamers around the world for years. It combines a unique setting, an engaging narrative, and a challenging gameplay experience that can take hours or even days to complete. It’s a cooperative game that requires players to work together in order to survive and defeat monsters. The game features an expansive world with unique creatures, characters, and locations. Players will have to make decisions on how best to use their resources and battle tactics in order to survive each encounter.

KDM puts players in the shoes of survivors who must fight for their lives against monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. Players must use their wits, strategy, and luck to survive and defeat the monsters and live to see another day.

The game is based on a story-telling format, with each game allowing players to develop their own narrative. The core game mechanics of KDM includes a series of encounters between the players and the monsters. Players can choose to fight the monsters or flee, and if they win the encounter, they receive rewards such as weapons, items, resources, and survivors. In addition, players can also choose to engage in non-combat encounters that are designed to increase the narrative elements of the game. Through these interactions, players will develop relationships with their characters and the monsters within the game, as well as gain knowledge of the game’s lore.

The game also provides players with various strategies, such as crafting, scavenging for resources, and building their own settlements, which can be used to make the game more interesting and challenging. Overall, Kingdom Death: Monster is a unique and engaging board game that allows players to create their own stories and explore the game’s environment and narrative.

1. Frosthaven – 83,000 backers, $12,900,000 raised


The most funded board game of all time, Frosthaven is the successful sequel to Gloomhaven, another cult classic. It is a cooperative story-driven game that has only been rising in popularity since its release in 2021. It is a dungeon crawl game that has players exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, and completing quests to save the land of Frosthaven.

The game can be played solo, as well as with up to four players, each taking their own unique role to help the team progress through the story. Frosthaven features challenging puzzles, deep strategic gameplay, and an intricate story. Furthermore, the game has been highly praised for its expansive world, wide character customization options, and immersive campaign. Players have also praised the game’s variety of game modes, which has allowed them to play it in a number of different ways. In addition, the game also includes an extensive tutorial system, which has made it more accessible to newer players. Frosthaven offers something for everyone, from die-hard board game fans to casual players looking for a fun and challenging experience.

Final Thoughts

Kickstarter is a great platform to find or purchase new games, because the creators and backers are all passionate about the game and collaborate with each other to make the best final product. The top-funded games on Kickstarter were those that caused a lot of commotion and attracted a lot of gamers to themselves, so it is a good criterion to browse for the best board games in your preference. Have you ever created or backed a project on Kickstarter or another platform? If so, share your experience in the comments for us to see.

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