Star Wars – Imperial Assault Board Game; A Battle for the Galaxy

I remember the day we prepared for our biggest operation after taking down the Death Star over Yavin 4. We were going to destroy the Empire’s fleet and take over their main cruiser ship of this sector. I had been training for this moment my entire life. My family and everyone in our village had suffered the harsh effects of being touched by the Empire. We, just like many others had lost everything in a brutal imperial assault, and I was determined to make them pay for what they had done to my people.

As we boarded our ships and prepared to launch, I felt a surge of adrenaline and fear. This was it. The moment we had been waiting for. The fate of the galaxy depended on our strength and precision.

With fearless hearts, we flew into battle, dodging blaster fire and weaving through the enemy’s fighter ships. Our mission was to take out the command center on the cruiser and disable their communications. It was a risky move to even approach the cruiser, let alone get inside, but we had to do it if we wanted to stand a chance against the Empire’s brutal reign over the sector.

Star Wars game

Our forces fought bravely, taking out wave after wave of enemy fighters. But as we approached the cruiser ship, we were met with heavy resistance. The Empire had anticipated our attack and were ready for us.

As we engaged in fierce hand-to-hand combat with a massive unit of Imperial Storm Troopers, I thought all hope was lost. But then, I remembered the words of my mentor, a wise old Jedi who had taught me everything I knew. “The Force shall be with you, always.

With renewed determination, we pressed forward, tactically using the Troopers’ formation against them, and eventually managed to infiltrate the command center and disable the communication systems. The Empire was crippled, the ship was cut off from the outside world and the droids were unable to receive commands, and we had won the battle.

As we flew away from the remnants of the fallen cruiser, I couldn’t help but think about the importance of our accomplishment. The Empire had caused so much destruction and suffering, not just for my family and village, but for countless others throughout the galaxy. Our victory today was just the beginning of a long battle, but it gave us hope that we have a real chance to fight back against the Emperor and bring peace to the galaxy once and for all.

We sped off towards our next mission, and I knew that no matter how tough things got, we would never give up the fight or our cause for it. The rebellion would continue, and we would do whatever it takes to bring justice back to the galaxy and its people.

Imperial Assault Board Game Introduction; Imperial Domination

Star Wars Imperial Assault board game box

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is another galactic adventure designed by Corey Konieczka and published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2014. The game is designed for 2-5 players and typically takes 1-2 hours to play. It falls under the genre of tactical miniatures games, where players use miniatures to represent their characters and engage in tactical combat against the other player(s).

You’ll grab miniature figures representing your characters and squad to engage in some epic battles on the modular game board representing George Lucas’s vast galaxy. But here’s where this game gets even more awesome – having been provided with the option, you don’t just play one-off skirmishes. You can also play through an entire campaign where your choices and actions in each mission shape future adventures! Customize your team to your preferred playstyle and command them to victory.

That’s not all, there’s also a companion app which acts as the game master, controlling the enemy units and adding narrative to make each mission feel like part of a larger action-packed story. You’ll encounter tons of familiar characters like Luke, Vader and Boba Fett as you fight for control of the galaxy.

With high-quality miniatures, tactical combat and an engaging story-driven campaign, this game, much like Rebellion before it, is a blast for both Star Wars fans and tabletop tactical game enthusiasts alike. So, what are you waiting for? Recruit your party, prepare for adventure, and change the fate of the rebellion, all in a single game with Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

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How It Plays

Star Wars imperial assault board game overview

In this game, you may choose to take command of Rebel or Imperial forces. Players take turns moving miniatures representing their characters, attacking enemies, and achieving objectives. Each character has unique abilities and stats, allowing you to customize squads to match your playstyle.

The fun really takes off when dice rolls determine the fate of attacks and actions. Rolls yield different symbols for different outcomes, letting luck and strategy combine. Ability cards add another layer of tactics, forcing you to think and execute strategically according to the unpredictable situations you find yourself in!

You’ll feel like you’re in a Star Wars movie as the story unfolds through connected missions that comprise an epic campaign. The characters, sounds and imagery fully immerse you in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Work alongside friends to defeat enemies and accomplish goals in either cooperative or competitive modes. Aligning strategies and pooling resources with your allies makes every victory sweeter.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault offers the perfect blend of strategic miniatures combat, roleplaying adventure and customizable characters. The challenging gameplay and depth of options reward players who love tactical miniatures games while the iconic Star Wars storytelling captures the hearts of franchise’s fans. As you join forces with your teammates, you’ll share in the triumph of outsmarting your enemies and changing the fate of the Rebellion, one dice roll at a time.

It’s A Big Galaxy

Are you ready to take your Star Wars: Imperial Assault gameplay to the next level? Excellent news; there are several awesome expansions awaiting your attention that will upgrade your experience in major ways! So, if you’re looking to take your campaign to a whole new level of action, excitement and challenge, the expansions are a must-have addition.

4. Return to Hoth

Star Wars return to Hoth expansion

The Return to Hoth expansion breathes new life into Imperial Assault. Recruit Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbaca and face deadly new enemies like Wampas and HK assassin droids.

Experience an epic new campaign as the Rebels return to face a fresh Imperial threat. Twist-filled missions unfold across the icy landscape of planet Hoth, the same planet that hosted the iconic Battle of Hoth in the movie The Empire Strikes Back.
Customize your characters with fresh items and abilities while new mechanics enhance your strategy.

Fans praise the rich story that fits perfectly into the game’s larger narrative. Characterizing the expansion as fantastic, reviews hail the new characters, missions and mechanics for keeping gameplay fresh and challenging.

In short, Return to Hoth offers hours of fun, delivering exactly what fans want: a chance to revisit iconic Star Wars locales and heroes with refreshing combat and adventures. Dive back into the Battle of Hoth – this time, you’re changing its outcome!

3. Jabba’s Realm

Star Wars Jabba's Realm expansion

Jabba’s Realm is another one of the expansions that infuses Imperial Assault with fresh thrills! This pack introduces Jawas, Dengar and more plus vicious new enemies like the Rancor and Gamorrean Guards.

The campaign drops you into Jabba’s criminal underworld on the lawless planet of Tatooine for a mission to dismantle his empire. Navigate Tatooine’s busy streets, battling enemies and completing objectives to ultimately take down Jabba and his servants.

New mechanics like the Mercenary faction let you hire allies to aid you with your cause. The story seamlessly weaves into the bigger pictures and is just as equally exciting.

The majority of the player base praise this expansion namely because of the enjoyable story, new characters, and mechanics that add complexity without overwhelming the core gameplay. Reviews consider this pack a great addition to the base game.

All in all, Jabba’s Realm is a thrilling experience as a result of its dangerous yet familiar setting, criminal intrigue and new band of heroes. Dive into the lawless criminal underworld and bring uninvited justice to Jabba’s doorstep!

2. Tyrants of Lothal

Star Wars Tyrants of Lothal expansion

Tyrants of Lothal is another expansion pack for Star Wars: Imperial Assault that was released in 2018. It adds new characters, missions, and gameplay mechanics to the game, and takes place on the planet of Lothal, made famous by the animated TV series Star Wars Rebels.

Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus and more new heroes join the fight to face an array of new deadly enemies. You’re also provided with additional options to customize your team with fresh gear.

New mechanics let you take advantage of Lothal’s terrain to gain the upper hand against the enemy forces. Solo or cooperatively, play through the new missions that bring fresh tactical challenges.

This expansion is filled with everything fans have asked for. Such as a new band of heroes, innovative mechanics and challenging new adventures. Immerse yourself in the epic Star Wars story as the Rebellion prepares to restore freedom to planet Lothal once more. The expansion adds new layers of depth and complexity to the gameplay that are worth checking out for all the fans of the main title.

1. Heart of the Empire

Star Wars Heart of the empire expansion

This new adventure unfolds in the sprawling cityscape of Coruscant. You are to take the fight to the Empire’s forces in the heart of their operations. Navigate towering skyscrapers and winding sewer systems to gain the advantage over your enemies.

This expansion adds 8 new heroes like Lando and Bossk plus deadly enemies and gear to customize your team and new cooperative and solo missions let you enjoy the gameplay even when you don’t have a full group.

This expansion a fan-favorite and the official reviews highlight the innovative vertical level design and creative use of Coruscant’s layout as the key additions to the gameplay that come with this pack.

Heart of the Empire is a fantastic addition to the base game, offering new content and gameplay mechanics that add depth and complexity to the game. The new characters and enemies, as well as the ability to use the city’s verticality and sewer systems to your advantage, make for an exciting and engaging gameplay experience.

The Imperial Army has enacted enough acts of aggression towards your forces and the civilians under your protection so, it seems like a proper time to pay them a visit. And there is nowhere better to do that than planet Coruscant, the Heart of the Empire.

Final Thoughts

Star Wars fans are already sold on this game and I know that because I am one but if you aren’t, I still strongly advise you to consider how well this game’s tactical combat, narrative and components have been designed. There’s a ton of content to uncover and the thematic elements will take you on an interactive tour of the Star Wars universe, which makes the game a suitable choice for both lifelong fans and less experienced players.

As always, we encourage you to leave your thoughts and comments about this game, as well as your personal experiences playing it, down below!

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